Tyler Hansbrough vs. Gerald Henderson

Gerald Henderson – You deserved to get ejected from the game, and your 1 game suspension is warranted. In fact, I think your foul warrants a multiple game suspension. The video clip clearly shows that you came into the play recklessly and with the intention of planting a hard foul on Hansbrough. Luckily for you, Hansbrough only suffered a minor fracture and shouldn’t miss much playing time. Furthermore, you’re lucky that Hansbrough kept his cool and didn’t retaliate.

Did you mean to break Hansbrough’s nose and bloody his face? Maybe not. But the fact of the matter is you used excessive force to commit a foul in a game where your team was losing by 12 points with only 14 seconds left in the game. Even if your foul wasn’t intentional, it was irrational and stupid.

Congratulations Gerald Henderson. You have now cemented your place on UNC’s list of most-hated Duke players.

Billy Packer – I was watching the game live, and I was enraged by Billy Packer’s comments. In the video clip you can hear him continuously say that he didn’t think the foul was intentional and he didn’t agree with the refs’ decision to kick Henderson out of the game. How could you defend Henderson’s reckless behavior?

Billy, you’re sadly mistaken on this issue, and I I hope you’re not doing the commentary for any of the televised NCAA tournament games.

Coach Krzyzewski – Something that stuck out to me was Coach K’s behavior during the incident. The video clip shows him and Roy Williams talking while the refs are making their decision, and Coach K has no look of remorse. In fact, it looks as if he doesn’t care at all.

I probably wouldn’t have noticed his behavior if I didn’t read about Coach K’s statements after the game where he basically blamed Tyler Hansbrough and Coach Williams for the incident.

“The game was over before that. I mean the outcome of the game, let’s put it that way. That’s unfortunate, too, that those people were in the game in that play. Maybe this wouldn’t have happened.”

“We should have probably both had our walk-ons in.”

For the record, Krzyzewski was calling timeout with 50 seconds left and his team down by 13. So he clearly didn’t think it was walk-on time at that point.

One of your star players just assaulted one of the country’s best players on national television, and you’re blaming the victim for the incident? I’ve got one word for you Coach K – classless.

Check out these clips from Around the Horn, and PTI.

  1. ed cota's unibrow

    i think it was accidental as in he didn’t mean to hurt that boy, elbows happen and you people shouldn’t get so worked up over a college game. it only is for the love of the game and negative nancys like you take the fun out of the games with all your name calling and pleas for violent retribution against college students. classless is quite descriptive of your internet persona and i assume it would be a just description of you in the physical form-as bloated and heart disease ridden as it is.

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