The University of Iowa has come up with a proactive method for fighting Web sites built to criticize its coaches by buying domain names. To prevent fans and bloggers from trashing their coaches, University of Iowa officials purchased seven domain names, including firekirkferentz.com (FYI: Kirk Ferentz is the football coach), in order to keep them off the market. The school also purchased the domain names for potential sites about women’s basketball coach Lisa Bluder, men’s basketball coach Steve Alford and athletic director Gary Barta. The initial purchase costs of the sites was $674.82, and each site costs $25 a year to maintain.

I wonder if JMU will purchase domain names for their current basketball coach, Dean Keaner. Coach Keaner hasn’t won more than 7 games in a season in his three year stint, and many critics have said that next year could be his last. Don’t hold your breath Dean, I don’t think that JMU’s athletic department could afford the $674.82 to purchase the sites, and the annual cost of $25 a year to maintain them.

  1. Corbin

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