My Trip to UNC

This past weekend I attended an Open House at UNC Chapel Hill for the Department of City and Regional Planning (DCRP). Anticipating an assortment of questions, I’ve decided to provide you a detailed time line of my trip.

2:51 PM My trip began. I traveled south down Interstate 81 to Lexington to take a “shortcut” to Route 29
3:43 PM Got off at Exit 188 in Lexington and got on Route 60 East
3:53 PM Arrived in Buena Vista and got on Route 501
4:10 PM Route 501 was a bad idea. The movie Wrong Turn kept popping into my head — you know the movie where five teenagers make a wrong turn in West Virginia and get attacked by mutants. Oh dear.
4:48 PM Finally made it to Route 29. No mutants. I’m not going that way on the way back. Next up, Route 86 in North Carolina
6:11 PM Crossed the North Carolina state border and Route 29 turned into 86
7:33 PM Arrived in Chapel Hill.
First Impression: Historic downtown; beautiful weather; lots of shops, restaurants, and bars; everything within walking distance of the campus and off-campus housing
7:45 PM Met Corey, the First Year DCRP Graduate student I was going to staying with
7:46 PM – 1:00 AM Went to Franklin Street to go to bars, meet DCRP students, and watch basketball
-Went to He’s Not Here, a bar with an outdoor patio that was formerly a strip club in the 1960s. When it was a strip club, female students would call the club and ask if their boyfriends were there, and the owners would always reply “He’s Not Here” regardless if the boyfriend was there or not.
-Talked to Law student from the University of Kansas, and he discussed KU’s hatred of Roy Williams (UNC’s current coach that left Kansas to coach at UNC)


10:31 AM Woke up to the beautiful sound of Carolina birds. Sike.
11:12 AM Walked to campus with fellow DCRP prospective student, Jeff
Impressions of Campus: Nice landscaping, a lot of students walking around, awesome landmarks (The Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower, the Old Well, and Silent Sam statue), and beautiful brick buildings
11:30 AM Checked in at New East Building on the old quad, home of DCRP program
11:45 – 12:45 PM Lunch at Hickerson House – met with DCRP students and ate sandwiches with abnormally large pieces of lettuce
1:00 – 2:15 PM Individual introductions with 85 people (prospective students and faculty). Only 5 of the prospective students were current undergrads (including myself).
2:15 – 3:30 PM DCRP program overview
3:30 – 4:00 PM I wandered aimlessly around campus on my own. I saw the Old Well and its drinking fountain. Legend has it that if you drink from the fountain you will be on the Dean’s List. However, I didn’t drink from the fountain because Corey told me everyone pees in it.
4:00-5:45 PM Listened to Current Students and Alumni
6:30 PM BBQ Time at a Second Year DCRP student’s house: Burgers, Hot Dogs, Pasta Salad, Yuengling Keg, Vodka, Bourbon, Professors, 1st and 2nd years, and prospective students
9:57 PM Game Time: The USC – UNC game was projected onto a wall with a LCD projector, and everyone busted out their favorite Carolina blue gear
10:06 PM UNC came out flat, and Taj Holden and Nick Young dominated for USC.
11:01 PM UNC was down at halftime. I drank more beer.
11:25 PM UNC started the second half pretty slow, and went down by 16 points. Someone yelled, “Damnit Roy! Take off your jacket. Let’s get fired up! Let’s GO!”
11:30 PM Marcus Ginyard and Brandan Wright took over the game, and after several offensive rebounds, dunks, and defensive takeovers, UNC took the lead. Someone else yelled, “I’m naming my first child Marcus — boy or girl.”
12:06 AM UNC won 74-64. Prince’s “Party like its 1999” was blasted, and the party started.
1:30 AM Bedtime

10:29 AM Woke up.
10:57 AM Hit the Road with Jeff, prospective student from Chicago/Milwaukee. For some reason he took the AmTrak from Chicago to Charlottesville, then proceeded to take a Greyhound bus from Charlottesville to Durham. So, to help him save time and money I offered to drive him to Charlottesville.
1:03 PM Stopped in Altavista, Va, and ate at Pino’s Italian Restaurant- At first the place looked conspicuous, but it was a nice little restaurant and I had a delicious Stromboli
4:11 PM Dropped Jeff off in Charlottesville
5:14 PM Arrived back in Harrisonburg

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