The Old Rockingham Memorial Hospital

In December 2004, James Madison University (JMU) and Rockingham Memorial Hospital (RMH) made a deal that would allow JMU to purchase the old RMH hospital. The agreement stated that JMU could use the old facility once the new RMH hospital on Port Republic Road was opened. The $50.6 million purchase was approved by the JMU Board of Visitors, the RMH Board of Directors, and Virginia General Assembly. JMU President Linwood H. Rose has said that the property will likely be used as a combination of academic space, administrative office space, student services and parking. The hospital’s two parking decks contain more than 1,000 spaces, and the additional parking would help JMU with its current parking needs.

I haven’t heard any concrete plans for the old hospital facility, so I thought I would share some ideas.
Keep Current RMH Facilities for…

  • Medical or dental school – the University would have to seek approval for these programs
  • Research center for biology/medicine/biotechnology
  • Student housing – although the idea of living in an old operating room does not appeal to me
  • Law school – again the University would have to seek approval from the state for this program
  • Offices for faculty and university employees

Demolish RMH and Build…

  • Basketball Arena – I know we have the Convo, but I really think we need a new facility (and new coach)
  • On-campus arboretum
  • New dormitory
  • Mixed-Use building – offices, classrooms, student housing, dining facilities
  • Student Center – computer labs, study rooms, cafe, activity room, fitness equipment

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