is probably the most prominent student website at JMU, and this website features student articles, video clips, an assortment of links, and the “Hottie and Gent” of the week.’s E-store sells “JMaddy Drunk Bus” t-shirts, and last year the site’s creators released the “JMaddy Swimsuit Calendar.”

Visually, looks pretty good – it looks like it was designed by somebody that knows HTML or DreamWeaver. However, the flashiness of the site does not cover up its lack of content. First of all, the site does not update its information. The Events, Articles, Pics, Reviews, Music, Downloads, and Music sections are never updated. They have concerts from December 2006 listed under the Events section, their last movie review was King Kong, and their last article was from January, 30, 2007 – it appears they only post a new article about once a month. The front page also has an advertisement for Main Street Bar and Grill — the same Main Street Bar and Grill that closed a few weeks ago. Furthermore, has an assortment of useless links. Do JMU students really need links to Google,, Facebook, and Webmail?

Other than a few funny video clips (my personal favorite is my friend Mike Pearl’s “Cribs” episode) and a swimsuit calendar, they don’t have much to offer. So, why is so popular? I think that is popular simply because it’s the only JMU student website on the market. The website’s creators have found a niche, and they’ve found a way to use to their advantage.’s owners have made a lot of money through t-shirt and calendar sales and endorsement deals. However, they haven’t provided students with anything remotely informative or useful.

If I were in charge of the website I would make it a real public forum for JMU students. I would make it THE place for students to check out what’s going on on-campus, in the local community and in the real-world. This could easily be done by updating the material on a regular basis; eliciting more articles from students on important/entertaining issues; connecting JMU students with each other and the surrounding community via message boards*, discussion forums, and organized events; and by providing useful links to local newspapers, blogs, student organization websites, and other informative sites.

Hopefully another JMU website will emerge and dethrone

*They already have message boards, but they are empty and don’t discuss pertinent topics


  1. finnegan

    well, he’s looking to have someone else take over the site. look at the announcements.

    why don’t you email him with your proposal?

    frankly, i think it looks like crap. too many cheesy moving graphics. not to mention they’re still running an ad for a now-defunct nightclub.

  2. Corbin

    Yeah, I saw something saying the announcement was part of an April Fool’s joke. Too bad, the site needs some help.

  3. finnegan

    more like, that site is an april fool’s joke… well, not really. i’ve seen much worse. like the rockingham county sheriff’s office site, or WSVA’s site.

  4. Corbin

    My Freshman year was the top website on campus. This website was around before Facebook came into the picture, and it allowed users to post campus events, exchange pictures, and chat on message boards. The website is still running, but it looks as though it hasn’t been updated in awhile. Facebook ran it out of town.

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