Sculpture Placed in Duke Garden

Today, a new project entitled “Pine” will be installed in the sculpture garden outside Duke Hall as part of the East Coast Sculpture Exchange – a sculpture collaborative involving JMU, George Mason, and Georgia. Professors Tom Ashcraft and Peter Winant of George Mason University are heading up the project at JMU, and their sculpture is a ping-pong table made out of Southern Pine surrounded by bench seating. The attraction will come with 300 ping-pong balls and 50 paddles, and the creators hope that is will serve as a social attraction.

Other college campuses have sculptures of Greek philosophers, U.S. Presidents, and political activists, JMU has a sculpture of a ping pong table. Priceless. They might as well call this project the”Beer Pong Table” because that’s what it’s going to be known as at JMU. “Hey! Lets go play beer pong on that table by the music building!“My new goal is to play beer pong on that table before I graduate. Who’s with me?

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