JMU’s Financial Request

Today’s Daily News Record reported that JMU has requested $1 billion from the Virginia state legislature for new construction projects. The request was approved last month by JMU’s Board of Visitors, and it will have to approved by the state legislature in the next year before JMU can receive the funds. The DNR reported that JMU wants to use the $1 billion to “build a bigger football stadium, another parking deck, a biotechnology building, a new student health center and new student housing.” Additionally, the university plans on renovating 9 Bluestone buildings and the old Rockingham Memorial Hospital.

University officials have said that the $1 billion is essentially a “wish list,” and they don’t expect the legislature to approve the entire amount. The officials said that if JMU doesn’t receive the entire amount it requested, the university still plans on working on these projects in the next 10-15 years.

Currently, JMU is focused on completing projects that are already in progress:

  • Patterson Street Parking Garage
  • Performing Arts Complex
  • Plecker Arboretum Education Building
  • East Campus Library
  • Miller Hall Renovations

First of all, I don’t think that JMU is going to get anything close to $1 billion, but it’s nice to know that university officials are looking to expand and improve the university. The project that intrigues me the most is the football stadium project. I don’t know if this means that JMU wants to build an entirely new stadium or expand Bridgeforth Stadium.

JMU just added the Plecker Athletic Performance Center and FieldTurf to Bridgeforth, so I don’t know why they would want to go out and build another stadium — except to make that jump to DI football. It’ll be interested to see how this plays out in the future.

Furthermore, if JMU had more high-profile alumni we wouldn’t have to be as dependent on state funds. The University of Virginia finances its projects primarily through private donations, and this independence has allowed UVA to take on major projects (e.g. John Paul Jones Arena, new South Lawn addition). JMU’s alumni base is gradually growing, but I think it will be awhile until JMU alumni can raise enough money to tackle the “Big Time” projects.

  1. Anonymous

    “Renovate and expand Bridgeforth Stadium”

    (not build new)

    According to:

  2. Corbin

    Thanks for the link. The DNR Online didn’t really go into detail about the stadium project.

    It does make more sense to rennovate and expand the stadium.

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