Integrated Science and Technology

“I Came, I Saw, ISAT”

The Integrated Science and Technology (ISAT) program is relatively new at JMU, and it was created with the intention of developing problem solvers, technological communicators and life-long learners. According to ISAT’s website…

“The mission of the Integrated Science and Technology Department is to empower students to analyze and solve real-world, human problems by integrating scientific, technological, business and social aspects of these problems and to communicate innovative solutions to a diverse audience.”

ISAT students are trained to use computers as problem-solving tool, collaborate in inter-disciplinary teams, and work in laboratory settings. The ISAT curriculum involves a range of study areas, called sectors. Here’s a list of the current sectors.

  • BioSystems* (a.k.a. Biotechnology)
  • Energy*
  • Engineering and Manufacturing*
  • Environment* (a.k.a Environmental Science)
  • Health Systems*
  • Information & Knowledge Management* (a.k.a. Computer Science)
  • Telecommunications
  • Social Context of Technology and Science
  • Instrumentation & Measurement

In the first two years of the program, ISAT majors take classes from each of the main sectors (marked by *) . In the third year, students choose three sectors to examine further, and in the final year students concentrate on at least one of these sectors. One great aspect of the program is that students are allowed to devise “tailored” concentrations that align with their specific interests (e.g. E-Commerce, Geographic Information Systems).

In the spring semester of the Junior year, ISAT majors begin work on a 6-credit senior project, and students are responsible for selecting a project topic that is related to their concentration. During the spring of their Senior year, students must write a thesis paper and present the project to their peers and faculty.

After college many ISAT graduates work as consultants, project managers, and specialists in the private and public sectors. The average salary of a graduate coming out of the program is about $48,000. However, many students continue their education in Graduate School.


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