JMU Bike Path

Tonight at 7 pm, Harrisonburg’s City Council will discuss a motion to mandate a bike path to JMU’s campus. The proposed path will go through Sunchase Apartments, and Sunchase is trying to prevent the bike path. Rumor has it that Harrisonburg is contemplating condemning their property and proceeding with the implementation of the bike path.

The meeting is at the City Council Chambers at 409 South Main Street.


Added on at 5:10pm…

Finnegan e-mailed me the link for the City Council’s agenda tonight, and I do not see any discussion of the Bike Path. I’ll admit that I was relying on an e-mail from a fellow JMU student for this post, and it looks like the Bike Path issue might have to wait for another day. Check out the Bike Path proposal from 2005.

For future reference the City Council posts their agendas and meeting summaries here.

  1. Thanh

    Not sure if you’re aware, but the bike path, dubbed by some as the “Arboretum Trail” is completed. Its really nice.

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