Relegation – NBA

NBA’s Current Structure:

  • Western Conference (15 teams): Dallas, Phoenix, San Antonio, Utah, Houston, Denver, LA Lakers, Golden State, LA Clippers, New Orleans, Sacramento, Portland, Minnesota, Seattle, Memphis
  • Eastern Conference (15 teams): Detroit, Cleveland, Toronto, Miami, Chicago, New Jersey, Washington, Orlando, Indiana, Philadelphia, Charlotte, New York, Atlanta, Milwaukee
  • All-Star Game: During the regular season the fans choose the top players from both conferences to play in an exhibition All-Star game
  • Playoff Structure: 8 teams from both conferences play in a 16-team tournament with a best-of seven-series at each round until the top team from each conference meets in the final round for the Championship

New Relegation Structure:

  • Add 2 more expansion teams to the NBA: St. Louis, Las Vegas, Tampa Bay, Oklahoma City, San Diego, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, or Brooklyn
  • Divide the League into Two Separate Divisions: First Division (16 teams) and Second Division (16 teams)
  • Regular Season: Shorten the regular season to 50 games
  • No All-Star Game: Have a mid-season single-elimination tournament for all 32 teams where the seeds are randomly assigned
  • Playoff: At the end of every season both divisions have their own 16-team tournament
  • Relegation/Promotion: After the playoffs the bottom four teams of the First Division are relegated to the Second Division and the top three teams of the Second Division and the playoff champion are promoted to the First Division
    • If one of the top three teams in the Second Division wins the playoffs the 4th best team is promoted
    • If one of the bottom four teams in the First Division wins the playoffs, they stay, and the fifth worst team is relegated
  • Trophies: Regular Season Champions from both divisions, Playoff Champions from both divisions, and the Open Tournament Champion
    • Financial incentives will be given to the winners of each trophy
  • NBA Draft: Teams from both divisions participate in the NBA Draft, but the 12 teams in the Second Division that were not promoted have priority
  • Free Agency: Teams from both divisions participate in free agency, and teams can sign anybody they want

New Relegation Structure Applied Today:

  • First Division (16 teams):Dallas, Phoenix, San Antonio, Detroit, Houston, Utah, Cleveland, Chicago, Toronto, Denver, Miami, LA Lakers, Golden State, New Jersey, Washington, Orlando
  • Second Division (16 teams): LA Clippers, New Orleans, Indiana, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Sacramento, New York, Portland, Minnesota, Seattle, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Boston, Memphis, Brooklyn, Cincinnati
  • First Division Playoffs:
    • 1 Dallas vs. 16 Orlando
    • 2 Phoenix vs. 15 Washington
    • 3 San Antonio vs. 14 New Jersey
    • 4 Detroit vs. 13 Golden State
    • 5 Houston vs. 12 LA Lakers
    • 6 Utah vs. 11 Miami
    • 7 Cleveland vs. 10 Denver
    • 8 Chicago vs. 9 Toronto
  • Second Division Playoffs:
    • 1 LA Clippers vs. 16 Cincinnati (Expansion Team)
    • 2 New Orleans vs. 15 Brooklyn (Expansion Team)
    • 3 Indiana vs. 14 Memphis
    • 4 Philadelphia vs. 13 Boston
    • 5 Charlotte vs. 12 Milwaukee
    • 6 Sacramento vs. 11 Atlanta
    • 7 New York vs. 10 Seattle
    • 8 Portland vs. 9 Minnesota

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