The Corner

Check out this article on The Corner in Charlottesville, VA.

“The Corner is a seven-block area from 12 1/2 Street Southwest to Madison Lane. It’s home to a quirky and eclectic mix of diners, restaurants, clothing and miscellaneous mercantile shops that include record stores, a smoke shop, a lingerie boutique and a pool hall. Directly across from Central Grounds, the district has for more than 100 years acted like a magnet for students and faculty needing a break from the school day or looking for a place to snack and read. For some, there is no separating the university from The Corner.”

About 16 out of 67 businesses in the district are either chains or franchises that can be found in cities across the country. That includes Starbucks, Subway, Pita-Pita, Mellow Mushroom, Jimmy Johns, Qdoba, Absolute Tan, Sakura Japanese Cuisine, Amigos Mexican Food and the Student Book Store.

They coexist with local shops such as Mincer’s, Dixie Divas, Finch, the Buddhist Biker Bar, Coupe DeVille Restaurant, the Take-It-Away sandwich shop, the Ragged Mountain Running Shop, The Virginian, the White Spot, the College Inn, and Littlejohn’s. Altogether there are 26 restaurants, 11 bars and 3 coffee houses.

In 2003 The Corner was included in a city historic district that restricts what type of redevelopment can occur in the area. “It essentially limits the kind of development that can take place and puts restrictions on any demolition of existing buildings. The requirement helps keep The Corner free of ‘big box’ businesses and restaurants that put up their own freestanding buildings.”

The Corner hasn’t lost its down-home feel or importance to UVa students, despite an ever-changing slate of storefronts and residents.


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