Disc Golf

Looking for something to do this summer? Play a round of disc golf — there are courses in Staunton and Harrisonburg.

The Montgomery Hall Disc Golf Course is located in Staunton. The course includes three wooded holes and a variety of uphill, downhill, and dogleg holes. The recreational tees (white) measure approximately 5,250 feet and the pro tees (red) measure 5,856 feet. The signature hole at Montgomery Hall is the 434 foot first hole.

The Westover Park Disc Golf Course is located in Harrisonburg, and this course tightly wraps around a hillside of cedar trees. The signature hole at the Westover course is the 418 foot 18th hole.

Best thing about these course — they’re free. For more information on a course near you check out the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA).


  1. Erec

    Hi Corbin, my name is Erec. I’m from Austin and I am devoting an entire blog just to playing disc golf this summer (http://lifelongdiscgolf.com/blog), and I was wondering if I can borrow this picture you have up for a while until I get some more?


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