Harrisonburg Worship Finder

In the spring of 2006, I developed the Harrisonburg Worship Finder with several of my classmates in our Internet Mapping class at JMU. The Worship Finder was our final project for the course, and after the school year ended I forgot that it was still on JMU’s server. I don’t know how long the service with be available (i.e. how long it will be on the server until someone notices it and deletes it), but I figured I’d share it with the hopes that someone might get some use out of it.

However, I must issue a disclaimer: The Harrisonburg Worship Finder was developed in 2006 and the data layers on the map might be outdated or incorrect.

Here’s how to use it:

  • The buttons on the left allow users to zoom in, zoom out, query data for specific attributes, measure distances, and identify features on the map
  • The Query tool is the icon with the flashlight pointing at a table, and it is case sensitive
  • The menu on the right allow users to adjust which layers are visible
  • When you change the layers you must “refresh” the map to see the changes
    • To remove the cross-haired red layer simple uncheck the Harrisonburg layer, and “refresh” the map

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