The Air Car

Last Wednesday I read a post on Jim Bacon’s blog, Bacon’s Rebellion, about new developments in transportation. Jim highlighted something called the Air Car — a mini-car that runs on compressed air. According to Jim “the vehicle reaches top speeds of 68 and has a driving range double that of the most advanced electric car…The cost of re-filling the “gas” tank is about 1.5 Euros (less than $3). Oil changes are needed only once per 50,000 kilometers. Oh, and did I mention that it has zero pollution?”

BusinessWeek also featured the Air Car, and it reported that “the first commercial compressed air car is on the verge of production and beginning to attract a lot of attention, and with a recently signed partnership with Tata, India’s largest automotive manufacturer.”

So far four models have been made: a car, a five-passenger taxi, a truck and a van. I’ll bet Tokyo is the first city to adopt these cars. Furthermore, I hope American car makers are paying attention.


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