Mid-Atlantic Regional Transit

I found this picture of a proposed regional transit system on Richard Layman’s blog Rebuilding Place. I’m not sure if such a system is currently in the works, but I would be thrilled to see such a project receive funding. Such a system could provide some cohesiveness for this region and provide a viable alternative to driving a car. Imagine traveling from Richmond, VA to Harrisburg, PA without having to sit in hours of traffic.


  1. Richard Layman

    It’s not in the works. But one of the ways for you to help further the idea would be to expand the idea in at least one class paper-project. One of the things that needs to be studied are the various system-infrastructure constraints. And we need to begin building a movement to put this issue on the table. There are some conversations about this going on at the state level, with planning officials, but it is very very early. (I shared a paper I wrote about this with the director of the DC Office of Planning.)

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