What is Staunton?

What exactly is Staunton? I’ll tell you — a city looking for an identify. In today’s Daily News Leader Nicole Barbano reported that the City of Staunton has hired the South Carolina planning firm Arnett Muldrow & Associates to help find its identity Jason Bourne style.

The firm is working with Staunton Downtown Development Association and local residents to “come up with a picture of the city’s identity and a logo they can use to promote city life and events.”

I thought the City of Staunton already had framed its identify — “Historic Staunton: Home of the Statler Brothers.”

Trip Muldrow, president of Arnett Muldrow, said his goal in helping to brand the city is to help residents tell the story of Staunton. ‘By creating a brand and a logo we’re helping everyday citizens explain the story of their community,’ Muldrow said. ‘It gives everybody sort of a jumping off point.'”

Ten bucks says that the downtown clock tower will be in the new logo.


  1. boomshakalaka

    Staunton is an enigma, wrapped in mystery, wrapped in another enigma.

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