What’s Next for Michigan?

Unless you barricaded yourself in a cave this past weekend, you heard that Appalachian State (D-1AA) beat #5Michigan (D-1) 34-32 at the Big House in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Never before has a team from the D-1AA division beaten a ranked team in the D-1 division, and this game has been labeled “the greatest upset in college football history.” To be fair, Appalachian State is the two-time defending D-1AA Champion, and they could beat many mid-to-lower level D-1 teams this year. However, this loss was embarrassing for the Wolverines, and it has essentially eliminated their chances of winning a National Championship.

Anything wrong with this picture? You lose in the first week of the season and your National Title hopes are washed down the drain. I can see where you could make the argument that if they lost to a D-1AA team, then they don’t deserve the chance to claim the D-1 title.

But, if Division 1 adopted the playoff setup then Michigan would still have a chance to win the National Title. Now, the loss to Appalachian State would deeply degrade their bracket seeding, but the team’s season would not be over in early September. My concerns are that teams like Michigan that lose early in the season will stop caring about the season, and the level of play across the various conferences will severely decline. As a college football fan, I want to watch the best football possible.

Furthermore, if we had a playoff scenario then we might see more of these thrilling upsets where top seeds get knocked off by lower seeds. Hopefully, the NCAA (and the university presidents) will come to their senses and develop a playoff system.


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