Sustainable, Vibrant, & Unique Communities

The following is a block of text from Timothy Beatley’s book Native to Nowhere.

Important attributes or qualities of a genuine community (pages 23 – 24)

  • Recognize and emphasizes the unique qualities of the community; values complexity, richness, and layering of history, environment, and architecture; strengthens, nurtures, and highlights this diversity and distinctiveness
  • Understands the natural environments, ecosystems, and landscapes in which the community is situated, and strives to protect, nurture, and restore them (even in dense cities) and to bring nature into intimate contact with residents
  • Understands and celebrates its unique histories of both built and natural environments; makes these histories visible and alive and prescient to inhabitants
  • Fosters artistic impulses to build unique community character and instills a sense of ownership in those who create and enjoy the art
  • Seeks to emphasize locally owned businesses and products, and seeks to hardness local entrepreneurship and ingenuity in the solving of local problems (while not disconnected from the global marketplace)
  • Values and encourages engagement and participation; works to replace individual passivity and apathy with active concern and engagement
  • Is designed to facilitate active lives and lifestyles, foster social interaction and development of deep community and interpersonal ties and commitments, and minimize dependence on the automobile
  • Strives for social inclusiveness and revels in and nurtures diversity of many kinds, including ethnic, age, gender, and income

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