The Need for Third Places

America’s desire for bigger, better, and faster lifestyles has lead to a decline in third places. A third place is a destination other than a person’s home or office, and these destinations are important because they foster social interaction, facilitate community trust, and elevate our sense of place. Unfortunately, our oversized MacMansions have eliminated our use of third places because our houses are our new entertainment centers. Our houses serve as substitutes for theatres, libraries, restaurants, offices, sporting events, and worship centers, and one can accomplish a day’s worth of work without ever leaving the house. The decline in third places is disconcerting because we need third places more than ever. Our society is isolated, despondent, and unhealthy, and we need places to visit and interact in order to reestablish our social networks and strengthen our sense of place.


  1. Defining Moments

    OK, dad and I will be right over.

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