JMU Duke Dog

On Saturday the JMU Duke Dog got into a scuffle with Coastal Carolina’s rooster, Chauncey.

According to the Daily News Record, “JMU fans said the Duke Dog hit the Chanticleer mascot — a rooster-like creature — in what they thought was a playful manner. Coastal’s mascot, they said, then tackled the Duke Dog, and the situation apparently escalated, prompting police to intervene.”

“A police officer tried to escort the Duke Dog away from Coastal’s mascot, but the Duke Dog appeared to keep pursuing the Chanticleer. News-Record reporter Mike Barber said he then saw the Duke Dog, apparently inadvertently, hit the police officer in the face in an attempt to break away.”

“Madison officials said that while the student who plays the Duke Dog was not arrested, he will no longer represent the university as its mascot.”

According to The Breeze “The scuffle began after Duke Dog refused a handshake from the Chanticleer and proceeded to swat at the Chanticleer once its back was turned. Duke Dog and the Chanticleer rolled on the ground until a police officer pulled them apart. Eventually the two were separated, but the Duke Dog followed the rooster. When he was approached by a police officer, he shoved him. Duke Dog was consequently escorted out of the stadium. About an hour later, Duke Dog reappeared….after running around the stadium to high-five everyone, Duke Dog walked up to the Coastal Carolina football team and gave them the bird.”

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