Trees vs. Signs On Court Square

According to the Daily News Record, on September 25th the Harrisonburg City Council voted to move the trees on the northwest corner of Court Square in front of Cally’s Restaurant & Brewing Co. (formerly Calhoun’s Restaurant & Brewing Co.) to Liberty Park.

The trees are Zelkovas, and they were expected to grow taller than the buildings when they were planted many years ago. Unfortunately, the trees haven’t grown as expected, and they are blocking the signs of three businesses. The trees obscure the signs for Cally’s Restaurant & Brewing Co., Downtown Wine & Gourmet and Court Square Theater, and these establishments asked to have the trees removed because they felt the trees were hindering their businesses.

The trees are on city property, and it’s up to the City Council to decide their fate. However, since the September 25th ruling many Harrisonburg residents have protested the removal of the trees saying that the businesses should move their signs instead of the trees.

An alternative is desperately needed, but what? Cut the trees back? Replace the trees with smaller trees? Bigger signs? Until a viable option has been picked the Council should delay any actions.


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