Driving and Obesity

I found this graph on Treehugger. I don’t know where the data came from, but it appears as though a relationship exists between obesity and driving. So, get out of your car and walk, bike, and ride (public transit of course).


  1. Thanh

    Here’s taking your post another interesting step:

    “Obesity Takes A Toll On The Road”

    Chew on this next time you’re idling in the drive through line: Cars on U.S. roads must burn nearly one billion additional gallons of gas a year because of overweight drivers and passengers. That was the conclusion of University of Illinois computer science professor Sheldon Jacobson,who, with colleague Laura McLay, used a mathematical model to combine federal data on gas consumption and weight gain from 1960 to 2002.

    They found that the average American’s weight jumped by more than 24 pounds over the period and that as a group, we no pump at least 938 million more gallons a year than we did in 1960. A relative drop in the bucket (about three days’ worth of passenger car consumption), but it’s unncessary. Want to do something today to boost fuel economy? Eat fewer cookies.

    (I think I cut this article out of a Readers Digest, April 2007)

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