CBS Poll – Most Important Issue Today

The following are the results of a CBS News poll taken in September, 2007 .

“What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?”

28% say War in Iraq
16% say Economy/Jobs
8% say Health care
6% say Terrorism (general)
5% say Immigration
4% say Foreign policy
3% say Poverty/homelessness
3% say Defense/military
3% say Misc. social issue
3% say Misc. government issues
16% say Other
5% say Unsure

What about the environment? How can we change our environmental impact if we don’t care about the environment?


  1. Thanh

    Part of the reason why some people don’t care about the environment is because they share no connection to it. Many children now grow up never playing in the “woods” or never allowed to play in the empty field near their house or the creek in their neighborhood where they can discover the mystery and beauty of the environment, and learn a desire to protect it. If you don’t know about something, or haven’t enjoyed something, how would you know or want to protect it? There are other reasons why people don’t care too… but that’s another blog post/ comment.

    Anyway, check out this article from Orion magazine by Richard Louv “No Child Left Inside” He talks about reconnecting children/ people with nature.

    Louv gets more into the children and nature issue in this book: “Last Child In the Woods” Really good read. It brings together and connects many issues and problems in society today – environmental protection, energy use, public health, community building or lack thereof, obesity, imagination,…

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