Recycle Compact Fluorescent Bulbs By Mail

According to EcoGeek “Veolia Environmental Services has gained USPS approval for a shipping container to be used for recycling compact fluorescent bulbs through the mail. These are the first shipping containers for compact fluorescent bulbs that are approved by the U.S. Postal Service for use in regular mail. So recycling that bulb will be no more difficult than putting a package out in the mail.”

Currently, IKEA will recycle any CFL you bring to them, but it’s not always convenient to find a local IKEA — I’ve never seen one in Virginia. These new containers will make recycling a lot easier and ease people’s worries about mercury poisoning. Hooray!


  1. Anonymous

    Veolia leads the industry in recycling CFLs. Thanks Veolia for making recycling finally easy!

  2. Anonymous

    Still not close to you, but there is an IKEA in Virginia – its in Woodbridge, VA.

  3. Thanh

    Many municipalities now collect CFLS at their landfills/ recycling container sites (anytime) and/or at their Household Hazardous Waste collection days (schedule times). People should check with their locality’s Public Works or Environmental Department.

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