Carfree America

Here’s a list of carfree / pedestrian-oriented areas in the United States from Cooltown Studios. (This is not a comprehensive list)


Santa Monica – Third Street Promenade, 1/2 mile
Riverside – Several blocks of pedestrian mall.
Sacramento – The ‘K’ Street Mall
Aspen – Pedestrian malls: Three downtown blocks of E. Hyman Ave., S. Mill St., and E. Cooper Ave. (pictured)
Boulder – Pearl Street Mall – Several blocks at the city center.
Fort Collins – Four streets in downtown.
Denver – 16th Street Mall
Florida – Miami – Lincoln Road Mall, 7 blocks in South Beach.
Iowa – Iowa City – Pedestrian mall, several blocks downtown near the University of Iowa
Louisiana – New Orleans – Several blocks between the French Quarter and the river
Massachusetts – Boston – Downtown Crossing
Minnesota – Minneapolis – Nicollet Mall
Nevada – Las Vegas – Fremont Street
New York – Ithaca – Ithaca Commons pedestrian mall, two blocks
Oregon – Portland – RiverPlace, 1/2 mile downtown waterfront pedestrian promenade
Texas – San Antonio – River Walk, famous restaurant/shop-lined waterway
Vermont – Burlington – Church Street Marketplace, four blocks
Virginia – Charlottesville – Main Street pedestrian mall, several blocks
Wisconsin – Madison State Street, six blocks, though buses, police cars and taxis are


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