Naked Streets

A naked street is simply one that does not have street signs or markings for automobiles (e.g. stop signs, painted lanes, speed limits). The idea behind naked streets is that if automobile drivers are disoriented then they are more likely to slow down and pay attention to their surroundings. Naked streets are designed to allow pedestrians and drivers to occupy a common transportation space.

Naked streets usually look like giant sidewalks.


  1. Thanh

    Where was that picture taken? I want to ask, how often are naked streets used, but I guess I should ask – where else are naked streets used? And do you know what distance of road a naked street might be used for? From the picture, it appears that naked street is in a commercial area, but I can envision it also being used in housing developments as well to some degree… do you have a resource to point me at? Looks really interesting. Thanks.

  2. Corbin


    I got the picture from the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center’s website:

    Unfortunately, most of the images on the site do not list where they were taken, so I have no idea where this particular picture is from.

    I first learned about Naked Streets a couple of weeks ago from Peter Newman. Peter is from Australia and he’s a transportation planner. He showed us several pictures of naked streets and all of them were of cities in Australia.

    Naked streets are used in commercial and residential areas. In residential areas children roam the streets and use the pavement as their playgrounds.

    I haven’t head of any specific naked streets in the United States, but I’ll have some follow up posts if I hear of any specific projects.

    Thanks for reading. I’m going to do my best to be more attentive to your comments.


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