Peter Newman 2.0

This is the second part of the Peter Newman video I posted last week. Peter Newman is from Australia and this past semester he was a visiting professor in the Urban and Environmental Planning Department at the University of Virginia. I’ve seen Peter speak several times, and he’s a wonderful speaker. He’s written many books, and his most recent book is entitled, Cities as Sustainable Ecosystems. He’s talked about the peak oil crisis for many years, and he is credited for the term “car dependence.”

Right before Peter left Charlottesville he gave a presentation at Sustainability and Health Symposium at the University. Peter posed the question, “What would Thomas Jefferson think of Charlottesville today?” His question was followed by pictures of heavy traffic, dilapidated bus stops, and disoriented pedestrians.

He pointed out that Charlottesville’s quality of life is tied to transportation. Charlottesville can become a world class city if it can develop a coherent transportation system that alleviates the city’s dependency on cars and provides equal access to socioeconomic opportunities.

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