Changes on the Corner?

The Corner neighborhood in Charlottesville might be on the verge of a major change. According to John Ruscher at a CVS Pharmacy might take over the buildings occupied by Plan 9 Music, Satellite Ballroom (including Higher Grounds Coffee), and Just Curry. Currently the change is a rumor hoovering around local Charlottesville blogs, but the building’s tenants have confirmed that the CVS change has been discussed.

In 2006 Robert Hargett and the Rebkee Company proposed a CVS at the corner of West Main Street and McIntire Road, but the proposal was shot down by Charlottesville’s Board of Architectural Review.

Would these businesses be missed? Coffee drinkers can go to Starbucks, dinners can get Thai food at Lemongrass, and music shoppers can get digital music online. The Ballroom is virtually the only venue on the Corner capable of holding concerts, but if this establishment leaves music fans will can make the trek downtown to listen to live music.

However, does the Corner need a CVS? Currently, there is Cohn’s on the Corner and two hole-in-the-wall mini-marts.

Furthermore, the Corner already has a Q’doba, Starbucks, and Jimmie John’s. The real question is, what kind of businesses do you want to see? Locally owned businesses that make the neighborhood unique or chain stores and restaurants that make the Corner look like every other commercial strip in America.

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