Bike Racks in Japan

On January 22 I posted pictures of Charlottesville’s newest artistic bike racks. I was impressed with the City’s creativity in combining community art with practicality. The Japanese store bicycles in a completely different way. The Japanese have huge, computerized vaults that can store thousands of bikes.

These bike vaults are perfect for dense, urban areas with multi-modal transit. Imagine if bikes were treated with the same respect in America. Do you think we’ll ever “bike vaults” in the U.S.?

  1. Daniel Nairn

    I’m a big fan of bike rack art, and I was impressed by some of the pictures I saw from Charlottesville. I am in the process of trying to push our church to install some cool bike racks, designed by a local artist. At first they seemed receptive, but I don’t think anyone is going to come up with the money for it, especially since the standard ones are free with a city grant. Makes sense, but too bad.

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