Bridgeforth Stadium Expansion on Hold

Earlier today Mike Barber of the Daily News Record reported that JMU’s expansion plans for Bridgeforth stadium will likely be placed on hold due to lack of private donations.

JMU is planning a $52 million renovation that will add 10,000 more seats, luxury boxes, new lights, a new press box, and improved concession stands.

According to Barber, JMU’s budget calls for $10 million of the $52 million to come from private donations and $11 million to come from a 2% increase in student fees over the next three years. JMU’s initial goal was to raise $4 million in private donations by July, and Vice President Charlie King said that it’s unlikely that the university will hit that mark.

Thus, stadium work probably won’t begin until after the 2009 season.

Barber also revealed some other projects JMU’s athletic department is considering:

  • A new basketball arena at the site of the current softball field near the ISAT building
  • A new complex on Port Republic Road that would include a stadium for soccer, field hockey and lacrosse
  • A new $7 million baseball complex at the site of the current Memorial Stadium

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