I’m Spatial is Back, Jack!

I’m Spatial is officially back for the summer. After my month long hiatus I decided it was time to dive back into the blogging world. May was a crazy month for me because I was finishing up the spring semester at UVA, moving out of my apartment in Charlottesville, looking for a summer job, and moving back to Staunton for the summer.

I decided to step away from the blog for the month of May to determine if I wanted to continue operating it. I’ll be the first to admit that the material I posted this past year did not contain a lot of substance. I relied heavily on YouTube and the information posted on other planning and environmental blogs to keep my blog going throughout the school year.

However, after some serious thought I decided to keep I’m Spatial. I love blogging — it’s free, simple, and limitless. I realize that my blog is not the source of ground breaking news or thought, but it has been a place for me to explore interesting topics, voice my opinion, and enhance my writing skills.

As the summer season approaches I’ve decided to jump back into the writer’s seat and rejuvenate I’m Spatial. Here are my new goals for I’m Spatial:

  • Create at least one new post every day
  • Write posts with more substance and thought
  • Incorporate my own pictures into the posts
  • Focus more on local topics
  • Write text to accompany video clips

So, keep checking for new material and feel free to drop me a line about your own thoughts and ideas.




  1. boomshakalaka

    looking forward to it

  2. Paul David Bartsch

    Those are some lofty goals, but I’m all for it. I look forward to reading your blog by RSS (since you’ll be posting every day).

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