The Varying Impact of Gas Prices

Median annual income.

These maps were published yesterday on The New York Times website. These graphics show that gas prices are high throughout the country, but how hard they hit individual families depends on income levels, which vary widely.

Average Gasoline Price per Gallon.

Think we’ve got it bad in Virginia? Check out the West, especially California. I’ve heard that experts at Goldman and Sachs predict that gasoline prices will reach $6 before the end of the year. Time to dust off your bicycles and bus passes.

Percent of income spent on gasoline.

This map shows how the areas that have been hit the hardest by the rise in gasoline prices. Citizens in the South and Midwest are spending a large portion of their personal income on gasoline. My guess is that citizens in this region have to take the bus, carpool, or spend money on gasoline to get to work or run daily errands.

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