Gov. Kaine Loves Land Preservation

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine stopped by Staunton today at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel and Conference Center to address the attendees of the Virginia United Land Trust (VaULT) conference. The Governor mentioned that land preservation was one of his top priorities as Governor, if not THE top priority (early childhood education is another major priority along with transportation and health care). Governor Kaine talked about his goals for land preservation in Virginia and the need for a strong private/public partnership in order to accomplish these goals. Kaine has pledged to preserve 400,000 acres of land during his term, and he was confident that Virginia can accomplish this goal under his reign. Additionally, he recognized that the state’s land preservation and conservation efforts must continue after his term is finished in order for the state to protect its most important historic, scenic, and natural resources.

The VaULT conference is a three-day event, and the conference includes a number of tours and field trips around Staunton. This year’s VaULT Conference has drawn land preservation advocates from across the state, and the participants are attending a series of seminars and workshops to learn the ins-and-outs of land conservation.


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