Peel and Stick Solar Panels

One of the biggest drawbacks of solar panels is that they’re rather difficult to install. To address this issue Lumeta has developed a “peel and stick” solar panel called the Lumeta Power-Ply 380. These panels only take about 30 minutes to install as they don’t require mounting systems like most solar power systems. Unfortunately, the flat roof style installation loses about 5% of the power production because it’s not in the ideal position to catch the sun’s rays. However, the easy installation process might be worth this energy deficiency.

The recent innovations in solar technology is very promising, and I think solar will become a more viable option as the technology decreases in price and increases in efficiency. Plus, when you have companies look Google investing in solar technologies, only the sky is the limit. I’ve seen solar panels incorporated into shingles, window blinds, brief cases, and backpacks — you can always find a new place to stick a solar panel.

Thanks to JetsonGreen for sharing this product.


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