The World’s Most Livable Cities

On June 20 Monocle Magazine released its list of the Top Ten Most Livable Cities in the World. In order to devise this list Monocle Magazine identified the components and forces that make a city not simply attractive or wealthy but truly liveable. Monocle wanted to look “beyond the recycling bins and congestion charges to see what makes for a liveable city… Tolerance, punctual transit, plenty of sunshine and the ability to get a drink in the wee hours all count for something.”

Here is a list of the actual metrics used:

  • International, long-haul connections combined with a well-managed, thoughtfully designed airport
  • Murder rates and domestic burglaries
  • State education and health care
  • Hours of sunshine and average temperatures
  • Communications, connectivity, tolerance and the ease of getting a drink after 1:00 am
  • Cost/quality of public transport and taxis
  • Strength of local media
  • Availability and range of international print media
  • Access to nature
  • Amount of green space
  • Key environmental initiatives

Now, here is the list of the Top Ten Most Livable Cities in the World.

  1. Munich
  2. Copenhagen
  3. Zurich
  4. Tokyo
  5. Vienna
  6. Helsinki
  7. Sydney
  8. Stockholm
  9. Honolulu
  10. Madrid

Why do these cities have in common? They’re not located in the continental United States (sure, Honolulu made it but its basically its own country in the middle of the Pacific Ocean).

New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and even Portland failed to make the list. I’m guessing the crime rates in most American cities kept them out of the Top Ten. What can we do to make our cities world-class? More comprehensive public transportation? Stronger environmental initiatives? Better leadership?

All of the above and more…


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