Obama: Cities are the Solution, Not the Problem

At the 76th Annual Meeting of the United States Conference of Mayors, presidential hopeful Barack Obama talked about the future of urban development in America.

Barack said that “we need to strengthen our cities. But we also need to stop seeing our cities as the problem and start seeing them as the solution. Because strong cities are the building blocks of strong regions, and strong regions are essential for a strong America.” [quote not in YouTube video]

The New York Times quotes Obama as saying that the federal government should provide aid in building and repairing the roads, rail networks, electrical grids, water systems and telecommunications networks that stitch together metropolitan areas.

Barack, where you reading my blog last week? I said the same thing: “Cities are the solution as compact and walkable urban areas are the most sustainable forms of development.”

Barack, you keep trying to win me over. First you played basketball with the North Carolina Tarheels, then you rode your bike around an urban Chicago neighborhood, and now you’re apparently reading my blog (that’s a laugh).

What’s next?


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