JMU’s Athletic Projects

A few weeks ago a reader linked me to‘s website showing renderings of the University’s current and future athletic projects. I’ve covered several of these projects in the past (Bridgeforth Stadium expansion and baseball stadium), so I thought I share some of these renderings with you.

Bridgeforth Stadium Football Expansion
  • The demolition of the existing west stands (Home side) of Bridgeforth Stadium and the re-construction of a two-tiered complex in its place.

  • Construction of 4200 permanent seats, restrooms and concessions in the north end zone.
  • Additional phase I seating will total 9,100 bringing total capacity to 24,878.
  • New premium seating such as suites and club seats
  • Additional seating that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Increased fan amenities such as concourses, concessions and restrooms.
  • Relocated press box in the west stands.
  • Increased stadium lighting.
Memorial Hall Baseball and Softball Fields

  • A redesign of the stadium.
  • The baseball/softball piece of the facility is currently in design and construction is scheduled to begin in late 2008.
  • Both programs will open their respective facilities for play in spring 2010.
  • Finalized plans and architectural drawings will be available in late spring 2008

New Convocation Center
  • A potential expansion of UREC and the enclosure of the existing synthetic mult-purpose field.
  • The creation of additional synthetic recreation fields.
  • A new convocation center to be located on the site of the current softball field.
  • A reconstitution of the current Convocation Center to serve both athletic and recreation needs.
Port Republic Intramural Fields
  • Shared stadium/press box for field hockey, soccer and lacrosse.
  • Practice fields for field hockey, soccer and lacrosse.
  • Space for the track and field program.
  • Office and locker room space for a majority of athletic programs.
  • Recreation space to serve existing off-campus student housing.

  1. SimplySammy

    I took it that the football field expansion was to be more immense, and I had no idea of a new convo cener.

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