T. Boone Pickens Picks Wind Energy

Oklahoma billionaire T. Boone Pickens wants to lead an effort to increase wind energy production in the United States. More specifically, T. Boone has picked a “wind corridor” in the Midwest that will support America’s electricity production. Pickens’ vision is that the increase in wind energy will allow Americans to use natural gas to fuel automobiles. Thus, reducing our reliance on foreign oil.

You may or may not like T. Boone Pickens, but it’s a good sign to see an oil tycoon embrace alternative forms of energy. If the United States is to change its energy habits, we need to see changes in our leadership and in the business world.

Personally, I would like to see Pickens embrace solar energy as well. The Southwest would be a perfect corridor for a “solar corridor.”


  1. aurelio23

    .My Chats with the Professor – Wind Energy

    "We're paying $700 billion a year for foreign oil. It's breaking us as a nation, and I want to elevate that question to the presidential debate, to make it the No. 1 issue of the campaign this year,"
    T. Boone Pickens.
    “Professor, T. Boone has come up with a strong voice about energy generation. For an oil man it is a bit unusual, as the normal menu for oil men is drill, drill and drill. They are like my dentist!”
    The Professor laughed and came back with a quick reply:
    “Yup. They both realize that no power, no drill, no drill, no caviar nor champagne!” Then he turned serious and continued:
    “I am glad that someone like T. Boone, eminently qualified, has undertaken this major energy conversion program in the US. His current interest is not limited to Wind Power. He has been able to bring before the country the stark reality of our oil future. The difference he makes is worth noticing; his message is short, clear and to the point. And the solution he endorses is realistic and reasonable.”
    Developing on a large scale renewable energy such as wind is very attractive. For one thing, there is no depletion of mineral resources and no air or water pollution. Also, at present the technology available has been in use in many countries of the world and can be applied to large scale production of electricity. In simple terms, there is no reason why traffic lights all over the world, same as the lights you keep on in the garage can not be supplied by wind-generated energy. The planet is a windy place, after all.
    I could only ask:
    “What else can you expect from a distinguished graduate of former Oklahoma A&M and now Oklahoma State University?”
    What is you point?”
    “Pride, Professor. I also attended Oklahoma A&M! Now, please excuse me. I must go. I have to see my dentist!”

  2. Morris

    We are a young family who have 5 children my husband is Retired Military Man after 22 years of service. He retired after tour to Iraq for
    O peration I ndependense &
    L iberation and when his Military Absentee ballot was discarded in Florida. We are VERY concerned for our children and grandchildren and are disgusted that GREED has corrupted this country and NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION. Just yesterday the House and Senate taking a 5 WEEK? vacation and are not passing this Outrageous Proposal to MORE Offshore Drilling when The American People do not even benefit from the current US leased oil drilling operations NOW and whose supply doesn't even come into this country but is exported!! The news has these EXPERTS? Saying there is nothing anyone can do blah, blah, etc.. We watched "Who Killed the Electric Car?" we have been following the Presidential race and we agree with YOU! Make it mandatory for the First 100 days in office that SOMEONE DO SOMETHING! Begining with Government Salary Freezing or reduction in wages… OR how can we as Americans go ahead and each one of us get off the GRID through our own initiative! Could people like yourself and others help to make it affordable for families to attain SOLAR and WIND Power? Some type of Grant or Initiative Program? We need more people like yourself to really challenge the system and now with Bush moving on not to be afraid of being locked up, thrown away the key, without any evidence, as an enemy combatant??!

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